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11. Stuttgarter Wissensmanagement-Tage +Great Knowledge Management crowd.
12. Kongress für Gesundheitsnetzwerker +Well organised. Talked to several people and received good feedback to our technologies.
1st Digital Agenda Assembly +N/A


4th European Semantic Technology Conference +N/A


98. Deutscher Röntgenkongress +Interesting conversations with visitors at our booth.


CeBIT 2014 +Lots of business cards, interesting meetings (e.g., SC participant creating navigation software for farmers, e.g., "now take the crops to that place...", RapidMiner about the power of Linked Open Data, BlueYonder/KIT spinoff about
CeBIT 2016 +Great contacts.


EKAW 2014 +Great social events: Ice Hockey, Visualisation center Norrköping, 3D virtual observatory. Poster, "LSD Dimensions" by Albert Meroño-Peñuela, about data cubes found on the web (3,000 dimensions). Martina Freiberg from Würzburg on Spreadsheet-based Knowledge Acquisition for physicians.
ESWC 2011 +N/A
ESWC 2011 Summer School +N/A
ESWC 2012 +N/A
ESWC 2013 +N/A


IWK - 55th International Scientific Colloquium (IWK) +N/A
Industry of Things World 2016 +Great contacts.


Jahrestreffen 2013 der GI-Fachgruppe Datenbanksysteme +Spoke to Hannes Mühleisen


KIS-RIS-PACS und DICOM-Treffen 2017 +Many interesting talks. Great for getting a good overview about the field.
Krems Workshop: A self sustaining business model for open data +Great overview of open data enthusiasts, problems, and approaches.


M2M Summit 2016 +Great contacts.


Reasoning Web 2010 Summer School +N/A


SMWCon Fall 2013 +N/A
Lisbon Workshop: Encouraging data usage by commercial developers +Great for networking (~100 people from academia, industry, government, NGOs + 100 Portugueses). Interesting discussions about Open Data. Good opportunity to push Linked Data (currently, guidelines are written for member states of how to publish PSI).
SemTechBiz 2014 +Great overview of companies and topics in the field of Semantic Technologies. Great for networking.
Software Campus Summit +Great for networking and to get a nice overview of IT research topics.


Visiting Axel Polleres Group at WU Vienna +Great times! Thank you all.


W3C Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group and Share-PSI meeting +Good progress with projects.
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