Reasoning Web 2010 Summer School

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Short info about the trip

  • Venue title: Reasoning Web Summer School 2010
  • Related project: ACTIVE
  • Venue location: Dresden
  • Venue date: 2010-08-01
  • Website:
  • Short description: 40, mainly PhD, students; Lectures: DL introduction and Reasoning in EL, Combining non-monotonic reasoning by rules with monotonic reasoning of DL, scalable reasoning, semantic search, semantic model-driven engineering (Steffen Staab). Other lectures about project MOST. Next time Ireland, Galway.
  • Outcome: N/A
  • Other participants: Heiko Paulheim
  • Good experience: N/A
  • Bad experience: N/A

Longer description


This event was attended by: Benedikt Kämpgen