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11. Stuttgarter Wissensmanagement-Tage +N/A
12. Kongress für Gesundheitsnetzwerker +N/A
1st Digital Agenda Assembly +N/A


4th European Semantic Technology Conference +N/A


98. Deutscher Röntgenkongress +N/A


CeBIT 2014 +Networking with participants and new applicants. Visited booth of other project-related companies (e.g., Jedox AG, BlueYonder, Tableau, IBM, RapidMiner, BARC, IBM, Exasol/DB behind Econda, QlikTech, SAP, Pentaho)
CeBIT 2016 +N/A


ECR 2018 +N/A
EHealth Symposium Südwest 2018 +N/A
EKAW 2014 +Good feedback to presentation (alignment of statistics from different organisations seen as important but still mainly manual task). One great keynote about ontology engineering by Oscar Corcho. One design pattern-focussing keynode by Pascal Hitzler. One very abstract keynote by a philosopher (Arianna Betti).
ESWC 2011 +N/A
ESWC 2011 Summer School +N/A
ESWC 2012 +N/A
ESWC 2013 +N/A


IWK - 55th International Scientific Colloquium (IWK) +N/A
Industry of Things World 2016 +N/A


Jahrestreffen 2013 der GI-Fachgruppe Datenbanksysteme +Got some impression about what database community is currently working on.


KIS-RIS-PACS und DICOM-Treffen 2017 +N/A
Krems Workshop: A self sustaining business model for open data +Discussion around sustainable business models of open data.


M2M Summit 2016 +N/A


Reasoning Web 2010 Summer School +N/A


SMWCon Fall 2013 +N/A
Lisbon Workshop: Encouraging data usage by commercial developers +Focus drifting towards describing best practices (guidelines) for member states in a structured way.
SemTechBiz 2014 +Main take-home messages: Apache Spark for fast in-memory-cluster-based analytics is gaining momentum as an alternative to hadoop and mapreduce. The main graph-based data models discussed seem to be RDF (surprise!) and the property-graph model as used by Neo4J and SAP (relations as first-class citizens to which arbitrary properties such as weights can be attached); oracle showed in a presentation how to (partly) quite trivially map between the two models. Based on the workshop "RDF as a Universal Healthcare Exchange Language - 2nd Annual", also other people recommend using RDF for representing medical information as we do in the SFB project.


Timisoara Workshop: Open Data Priorities and Engagement — Identifying data sets for publication +Structure for Best Practices on Sharing Public Sector Information: Overview of best practices: * Title * Short description * Why * Intended outcome * Relation to PSI directive * Possible approach * How to test * Evidence * Tags * Status * Intended audience * Related best practices
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