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11. Stuttgarter Wissensmanagement-Tage +Mit dem Erscheinen der ISO 9001:2015 bekommt das Thema Wissensmanagement einen zentralen Charakter beim Qualitätsmanagementsystem. In diesem Vortrag wird vorgestellt, wie das FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik einen Teil seines Wissens in einem semi-strukturierten Datenmodell erfasst, verwaltet und austauscht, um die Anforderungen der ISO 9001:2015 zu erfüllen. Wir stellen eine Umsetzung mittels der Open-Source-Software Semantic MediaWiki vor und diskutieren die Vor- und Nachteile der Lösung.
12. Kongress für Gesundheitsnetzwerker +Venue for networking about healthcare projects. Besides people from industry (software, hardware), many people from healthcare institutions participating.
1st Digital Agenda Assembly +Interesting, in particular: Open data and re-use of public sector information workshop


4th European Semantic Technology Conference +Conference focusing on the commercial opportunities and "real world" applications made possible by the use of semantic technology.


98. Deutscher Röntgenkongress +Everything about radiology. Including industry exhibition.


CeBIT 2014 +Visited Software Campus booth at CeBIT.
CeBIT 2016 +Visit of FZI booth at CeBIT.


ECR 2018 +All on radiology
EHealth Symposium Südwest 2018 +eHealth trends, challenges and opportunities
EHealth Symposium Südwest 2023 +eHealth trends, challenges and opportunities
EHealth Symposium Südwest 2024 +eHealth trends, challenges and opportunities
EKAW 2014 +Presented research paper on "Building the Global Cube". Around 60 participants (one track venue). Although diversity was topic, few papers discussed data integration problems. Topics: ontology design patterns, modelling (e.g., of medical guidelines and change of meaning of hashtags).
ESWC 2011 +Very good conference for meeting interesting people from the Semantic Web community.
ESWC 2011 Summer School +Hands-on summer school!
ESWC 2012 +Presented papers on Interacting with Statistical Linked Data via OLAP Operations and Representing Interoperable Provenance Descriptions for ETL Workflows.
ESWC 2013 +Presented paper on No Size Fits All – Running the Star Schema Benchmark with SPARQL and RDF Aggregate Views.
ESWC 2014 +Presented paper at Sepublica workshop, in In-Use track, and at demo session. Great conference for keeping in touch with many people from the Semantic Web community.


Git +Common git commands.


I-Semantics 2011 +Conference on Semantic Web technologies, colocated with other events around Knowledge Management
ISWC 2011 +The 10th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2011). A must-go for Semantic Web researchers.
IWK - 55th International Scientific Colloquium (IWK) +Workshop paper at DERIS (Design, Evaluation and Refinement of Intelligent Systems): Decision-maker-aware design of descriptive data mining. Other papers on Rule modularization and inference solutions, data mining, validation of knowledge-based systems through CommonKADS.
Industry of Things World 2016 +Featured WORLD CAFÉ Semantic Technologies in a Data-Driven Decision Support Cycle of IoT Applications


Jahrestreffen 2013 der GI-Fachgruppe Datenbanksysteme +Yearly symposium of database community in CS association GI, this time about Big Data.


KIS-RIS-PACS und DICOM-Treffen 2017 +Interoperability in radiology (and other healthcare fields) venue.
Krems Workshop: A self sustaining business model for open data +Interesting companies met: kompany,, openmove, Ever sport
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