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Welcome to the Linked Data Cubes (LD-Cubes) project website

The aim of the project "Linked Data Cubes - Integration and Analysis of Distributed Multidimensional Datasets with Linked Data" (LD-Cubes) is a prototype of an assistant system with which decision makers can efficiently integrate and context-dependently as well as collaboratively analyse statistics distributed over intranet and internet.

The project runs from 2013-01-01 until 2014-12-31. KIT and SAP are project partners in LD-Cubes.

For a more detailed German description of LD-Cubes, see Main Page/de.


For a description of LD-Cubes results, see Linked Data Cubes:Community portal.


LD-Cubes is supported by the BMBF within the Software Campus program.

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LD-Cubes logo designed and created by Irene Schick.